When Your Website Goes Down

Why You need onthemark associates for website design

It is absolutely frustrating when your business website goes down. And it's unfortunate if your web consultant has caused it. At onthemark we strive to ensure things like this don't happen. Many times it's the small details that prevent a catastrophe so we are thorough when it comes to a client's website and domain hosting statuses.

Social Media Contests Can Be Creative and Produce ROI

Red Leaf Awesome Tagline Contest

We've had the pleasure of working with Red Leaf Organic Coffee over the past months. We love when our clients recognize the important of marketing and expect a return on investment, because of an appreciation for the power of marketing. Earlier this year we began an upgrade to their website and very soon a shopping cart will be added for online sales.

Make Web Content Changes an Easy Process with a CMS

Is updating or changing content on your website an ordeal? If you were one of the early online adopters and you haven't updated your website over the past five to ten years, you may be ready for an easier way to make content changes. It may be time to explore the various content management system (CMS) options available. Take advantage of the latest tools to not only make your site easier to update but also improve your organic search rankings and overall web presence.

Art Renaissance Team's Big Idea

ART Renaissance Team logo

The Art Renaissance Team or ART for short, is a fundraising committee of the Longview Public Service Group, a nonprofit organization. ART is dedicated to bringing world class art to our community and the group will start on a Chihuly art piece specifically designed for Longview. What? A Chihuly in Longview? You must be kidding! Oh no, the group is quite serious.

Lower Columbia School Gardens

Lower Columbia School Gardens

 Many of onthemark clients are nonprofit agencies like Lower Columbia School Gardens. How we help them is by advising on fund development strategies and grant writing on an as needed basis. Fund development strategies are similar to marketing strategies in the business realm. Clients instead are donors or grantors. They still need to be targeted. Nonprofits make money too, just not profits.

All Top Roofing Online Rain or Shine

All Top Roofing Flash ad by onthemark associates

By Anne O'Connor   March 13, 2014

Did you know that in smaller markets, cable advertising on TV or via their online portal may be as, if not more, competitive than other media, such as radio advertising? Your best marketing strategy needs to involve targeting your potential clients in the best most efficient and cost-effective manner. So, don't overlook your local or regional online options and place all your marketing dollars in the same old traditional media you've always used.