Social Media Contests Can Be Creative and Produce ROI

Red Leaf Awesome Tagline Contest

We've had the pleasure of working with Red Leaf Organic Coffee over the past months. We love when our clients recognize the important of marketing and expect a return on investment, because of an appreciation for the power of marketing. Earlier this year we began an upgrade to their website and very soon a shopping cart will be added for online sales. Part of this upgrade freshens the website's content and its look. Another part streamlines Red Leaf's online blogging with their social media accounts. When news is posted to their website, it now automatically is posted to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. This process saves time and also increases their SEO rankings. 

In June, we were asked to begin helping specifically with Red Leaf's Facebook account. We are in the process of training an employee to take over while we assist them with some fun contests to increase their number of fans and reach. We really enjoy teaching clients how to best use social media resources to support their overall marketing strategy.

This current Red Leaf contest is creative as well as fun; and intended to expand their fanbase. Red Leaf has a great logo, which expresses its brand well. They were missing a tagline and came to onthemark for help in setting up a contest that would ask their fans for help. onthemark has helped with contest rules, graphic design and contest setup, developing a special app for the process so we can record all tagline submissions into a database. This allows a second phase to the contest -- asking fans to vote for their favorite from the top ten selected by Red Leaf.

Adding a tagline will definitely enhance Red Leaf's brand and asking fans to speak to how they feel when they have a Red Leaf drink is a perfect way to gain customer experience.  

Check out Red Leaf's AwesomeTagline Contest. Who wouldn't want a chance to win Free Red Leaf drinks for a Year? 

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