Are Your Social Media Efforts Part of an Overall Marketing Strategy?

No. We just use social media and don't plan marketing strategies.
34% (20 votes)
Sort of. We develop marketing strategies but we are experimenting with social media now.
19% (11 votes)
Yes. Our social media platforms are part of an overall marketing strategy.
47% (27 votes)
Total votes: 58


Ben Schneider's picture

Social media is a handy tool for marketing, in my opinion, but it is something you have to really understand and you really need your market dialed in.
Anna Goff's picture

I love Facebook for getting pictures of my balloon art out there and I send everybody to our Facebook page. We also run contest and sales on our own page which I also post on other Facebook pages if it is appropriate to the page.
Lisa Straughan's picture

We use Facebook considerably as well as Linked In as part of our overall Marketing
Marlene JOhanson's picture

There is a value for Businesses to utilize Social Media whether it 's Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Heritage Bank uses the media to not only promote our business but the events with in the counties we are located!
Tiffanie Misclevitz's picture

It seems social media is the way things are trending now so it is good to be involved and have an online presence as a part of your whole marketing strategy.
Nick Lemiere's picture

Social media is an excellent channel when used properly. Word of mouth is always the best way to spread info and get referrals for your business, and social media can be the venue to make it happen.
Adeline Martinez Strom's picture

Since we do business nationwide, social media is a great way to keep in touch with past clients and get connected with new ones!
Angie Leppert's picture

Incorporating social media in Fibre Federal's overall marketing strategy has proven to be an excellent decision. We've found that the community responds favorably to the information provided and the organic growth has been tremendous.
Rhonda Black's picture

We use Linked in and Facebook as part of our social media. We have found an increase in business since we started to be more consistent with it.
Jon Trussell's picture

Social Media is a efficient way to market to a broad audience of peers, family, and friends. It pays dividends if you use Social Media as a marketing strategy.

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